Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

20 Of Self- Denial. S n x ivz. are inured to, and prepared for the beft and I. moft important wifdom, even that which is unto falvation. Let us confider how great, how noble the ends of virtue, of moral perfeEtion and the fu- ture happinefs, are above thofe of the prefent life ; and if wifdom requires our denying our appetites and paflions for the latter, fhall we complain of it as a hardfhip to fubmit to the fame felf-denial for the other ? Is he juftly counted a fool with refpe& to his concerns in . this world, who will not curb his appetite of thirft to prevent or cure a dropfy ; who will facrifice a reafonable profpec`t of lawful gain to (loth and lazinefs or who to gratify a little peevifh refentment will throw himfelf out of the way of riling to an honourable Ration in his country ? and what fhall we think of the man, who will wilfully indulge himfelf in thefe or fuch like paffions, at the expence of his integrity, the inward peace of his mind, and his hopes of heaven ? Thus you fee, that this precept, fo far from being an unreafonable impoltion on the liber- ties of mankind, is excellently accommodated t) the conftitution and the ftate of human na- ture, nay, and abfolutely neceffary to the at- taining its true ends. But our Saviour has made it a part of his religion, and he has en- forc'd