Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

The Gofpel a Law of Liberty. is your mafier, even Chrif. Do not afpire to fuch a domination over one another as the Jewifh mafters and heads of fchools do, who arrogate a precedency and jurifdition even in religious things ; but it (hall not be fo with you my difciples ; the firm bond of your union, and foundation of your mutual good offices to each other, is your ftri t ad- herence to God your father, and your head and Saviour Chrift' Jefus. It would indeed be an intolerable bondage to have confcience in fubjeiion to frail and fallible men, but it is the high privilege of Chrift's fervants, that they acknowledge no other lord but himfelf, and have an unalienable right to fearch the records of his will, every one for himfelf, as being only accountable to him. I come in the Second place, to confider the apoflle's di- re&ion to chriftians, that they fhould con- $aptly endeavour to form their whole con- duc by a refpeft to the future judgment, which will be difpenfed according to the gofpel, to the law of liberty, fa fpeak ye, and fo do, as they who fhall be judged by the law of liberty. It ought never to be ima- gined that the liberty, wherewith Chrift hath made us free, was intended to weaken the obligations of our duty, or take away the binding