Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

46 The Gofpel a Law of Liberty. S E R M. one, if applied, would prevail with the firmer II. to break the whole law, or any of its corn- mandments, which actually prevails with him in the one point wherein he does offend. Now what is the confequence from all this ? So [peak ye, and fò do, as they that (hall be judged by the law of liberty. Let the influ- ence of your profeffed expectation of a fu- ture judgment by the gofpel, appear in the whole of your Conduct, in all your works and words, Do not imagine, that you fa- tisfy the obligations of your chriftian cha- rater, or that you can maintain the well - grounded hope of divine acceptance at laft by fome good actions, and abftaining from fome fins, unlefs you abound in every good work, and abftain from all kind and all ap- pearance of evil. One reflection upon what has been faid, is very obvious, and that is all,I (hall far- ther infift upon at this time, namely, liberti- nifm in pratife, or licencioufnefs of life, is fo far from being included in, that it is di- rectly contrary to chriftian liberty. For the apoftle, when he is molt ftridly preffing the obfervance of all God's com- mandments, and enforcing it by the molt powerful of all confiderations, the future judgment, he gives the gofpel the cha- rater