Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

The Gofpel a Law of Liberty. 4 g not take a licence to yourfelves in any vicious S E R praaices, nor indulge corrupt affe ±ions ; II. and let there be no animofities, no ftrife, nor envying among you, which will indeed phew you to be, carnal and walk as men; but by love ferve one another. To the fame purpofe he warns the Corinthians that they fhould not in the ufe of their liberty offend againft charity, i ft epiftle viii. 9. But take heed leajl by any means this liberty of yours become a /fumbling block to them that are weak. St. Peter, alfo, earneftly exhorts the converted yews, not to imitate the reft of their coun- try men who committed great diforders un- der the pretence of freedom, ift epiftle ii. r 6, as free and not ufing your liberty for a cloak of malicioufaefs, by an obftinate re- fiftance and contempt of lawful human au- thority, but as the fervants of God. Thus let us always value our liberty as a high priviledge; maintain, but not abufe it; and live in expefation of the future judgment ; being holy in all manner of con - verfation *. Expeaing the rejiirretíion of the dead, both of the jufl and unjujl, let us, after the example of the holy apoftle, herein ex -, ercife ourfelves to have always confciences void of fence towards God and towards men. * As xxiv. is, x6. Vol.. I. E SER-