Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

52 Of Repentance. S E R M. nations to whom it íhould be publiíhed with- III. out diltinftion, and fo bringing many to glory. It is the excellency of this laft and belt fcheme, that it propofes the firft great principles of religion, with an admirable plainnefs, it gives fuch inftru 1Jons concern- ing the Deity, his moral perfeftions and his providence, and concerning the obligations and duties of morality, that is, of piety, temperance, righteoufnefs, and charity, as are molt anfwerable to the natural fentiments of mankind, and which our: own hearts, if we ferioufly attend to them, cannot but approve ; it prefcribes fuch a pure, fimple, and reafonable woríhip as is worthy of God to accept, and of men to perform ; it de-. clares thefe terms of acceptance, accomo- dated to the frailty of our prefent Rate, and the confcious fenfe we have of guilt, which gives the greateft encouragement to (inners who are willing to reform their lives and return to their duty, and at the fame time, lays them under the greateft and molt in- difpenfable neceffity of reforming ; and it enforces our obedience to the laws of God in the ftrongeft manner, and by the molt powerful motives, having brought life and immortality to light, and declared, that God has* appointed a day wherein he will judge * Aéts xvii. 31. the