Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

Of Repentance. 55 impiety, pride, and covetoufnefs. The S E R ra. heathen were deep funk in all manner of III. wickednefs, in adultery, fornication, laici- `"YJ vioufnefs, revelling, drunkennefs, unnatural contentions and animofities. Such were the perlons whom Chrift and his apoftles called to repent, that is, to change their inclina- tions and tempers, to unlearn their vitious habits, to bring forth fruits meet for amendment of life, to become lovers of God and men, to worjhip God in fpirit and truth, to be lober, patient, meek, humble, juft, and mer- ciful. This is what the firft teachers of chriftia- nity mean by repentance, which they fc earneftly and frequently inculcate, and they fometimes reprefent it by different notions, but which amount to the fame thing in ef- fed ; as, by converfon to God, that is, whereas men were in a vile fubje tian to fins, ferving diverfe Tufts and pleafures, they re- nounce the tyrannical ufurpation of thofe other lords who have had dominion over them, and yield themfelves to God as their only rightful Lord, to walk in his ways, andto keep his Commandments. Sometimes it is reprefented under the images of a new crea- tion, and a refurreblion or revival from death; which fignify that important moral change in E 4 the