Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

Of Repentance. 8 t and the wrath of God denounced againft it, SE R M. which is principally intended for the admo- IV. nition of chriftians, that they do not fall in- to fuch fin yet a referve for the repentance of thofe who are fo guilty is not obfcurely infinuated. The apoftle Paul refers to a faa of this fort which happened among the Corinthians. One, and probably a teacher of no inconfiderable charaaer, was guilty of 'fuch fornication as was not named even among the Gentiles, * that a man fhculd have his father's wife. Becaufe the example was of a very infeaious nature, and highly re- proachful to chriftianity, it was neceffary that it fhould be cenfured with a peculiar feverity ; accordingly, the apoftte, by virtue of his extraordinary miraculous power, de- livered the offender to fatan, meaning, that fome uncommon temporal judgment was inflicted upon him. But what was the in- tention? was it that he fhould be immedi- ately overwhelmed and fwallowed up in re- medilefs ruin ? no, but for -J- the dllru5lion of the flefh, that the f irit might be Paved in the day of refus Chriß. That is, that the (in- ner might be reftored to a good H=ate, and the hope of eternal life by repentance, Arad, *z. Cor. v. z. t ;. Cor. v, 5. o L G therefore,