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84 Of Repentance. S r R M. nor indeed, only, with a defire and purpofe IV. of amending it, but with the utmoft foli- `rY citude that he might be wholly renewed; in the fame manner as a new convert to re- ligion would do, after an univerfally profli- gate and abandoned life according to his lofts in ignorance,* create in me a clean heart, O Lord, and renew a right fpirit within me. Nay, if there be any difference, it is this, that the repentance of fuch finners ought to be peculiarly remarkable and confpicuous, as their iniquities have been accompanied with peculiar aggravations ; and, efpecially, let it be remembred, that nothing can be to them a fatisfying evidence of their fincerity, but an effectual amendment, an intire, re- folved, abftinence from their former iniqui- ties, and the fieddy exercife of the con- trary virtues. I come, in the next place, to lay before you the gofpel motives to repentance. But, before I enter upon them, it may not be amifs to confider a little the reafonablenefs of the thing itfelf, and its agreeablenefs to our natural fentiments. We have indeed this invaluable advantage by the gofpel reve- lation, that it adds new and ,very powerful Pfalm li. Io. inducements