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Of Repentance. $9 Chrift, as it appears to be their great deign S E R M. to bring finners to repentance, or to amend- ment IV. and newnefs of life. Tie are buried with him in baptifm unto death, ( faith St. Paul, Rom. vi. 4.) that as Chr f was railed up from the dead by the glory of the father, fo we fhould walk in newnefs of life. And thus he reafons, ad of Cor. v. 14, ts. the love of Chrill conflraineth us becaufe we thus judge, that if one died fir all, then were all once dead, that they that live fhould no more live to themfelves, but to him that died fir them and r fe again. In his other epiftles he fpeaks often in the fame ftrain, and to the fame effect, defcribing our repentance as the very image and refemblance of Chrift's crucifixion and riling to glory, for he calls it being crucified and riling with him, putting o ff the body of the fins of the flefh thro' the faith of the operation of God, and putting on the new man, and being renewed in the fpi- rit of our minds. The fame dofrine is taught by St. Peter, ill, ep. iv. 1. Forafmuh as Chrifl hath frf'red for us in the flefh, arm yourfelver likewife. with the fame mind ; for he that bath fufie' red in the fe/h bath ce fed from fin. Another argument for repentance becaufe the kingdom of God, or chriilianity is come, is taken from the clear light of the gofpel ; and