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Of Repentance. 91 tent and difobedient ; * and the f want, who S E R M. knowing his Lord's will, does not prepare IV. himfelf to do it, will deferve to be beaten with i--v".1 many flripes. I may add, under this head, the gracious affiftance which the gofpel affords that men may be led to repentance. It is the glory of chriftianity to be the miniftration of the fpi- rit. Not only was the holy Ghoft fent down from heaven to atteft it bymiraculous gifts and operations at firft, but the divine comforter abides always with the followers of Chrift, to inftruf them, to lead them in the way of truth, and incline them to the pra6tice of their duty. Now as all their obedience is fum- med up in repentance, from which confolation naturally arifes, and to the increafe whereof it tends, the operations of the Holy Spirit may be faid to have this for their end. The prophet Zechariah foretelling the glory of the Taft days, or of the chriflian difpenfation when the moll perfeEl model of religion íhould take place, and real piety and virtue fhould flourifh, fays chap. xii. 10. It (hall come to pats frith the Lord, that I will pour on the pouf of David and the inhabitants of Jerufalem, the fpirit of grace and of fíppli- * Luke xii. 47. cations,