Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

txìv The PREFACE. and therefore written with the greateft fini plicity, yet difcovers in every part of it much ferions thinking, as well as fevere felf- government. THE few paffages I have tranfcribed, in giving the reader this view of the defign of it, are in the firft or fecond volumes; I (hall now add fome of his meditations many years after. " UPON a defigned confederation of thofe " important fubje &s, the methods of di- vine providence towards me, my own " behaviour, what I ought to do, and how fupport myfelf under the calamities of " life, and the fears of death (and, for fuch confideration, I have a good opportunity cc this Lord's day, being detained from the Lc public affembly by fuch an indifpofition, as does not render me incapable of me- " ditating) a great many thoughts arife in " my heart. It is of the laft confequence, indeed the foundation of all religion, and " all comfort, to preferve right fentiments " concerning the Deity and his providence. " I have given my heart free leave to bring forth all its objections (and, they all turn upon