Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

T h e PREFACE. R fociety of minifters in that neighbourhood, and was inexprefiibly dear to them : It was his own opinion, that he was capable of ferving the great purpofes of chriflianity, and of the diffenting intereft in Antrim, as effefually as he could in any other fitua- tion ; and thought it extremely hard, that any minifter fhould be removed by mere dint of the authority of a fynod, contrary to the judgment of his own mind. The affair was long depending, and took feveral turns, but at the laft came, to a decifion by the get neral fynod, in f 718. AT that time the congregation in Bel.. fa/I, ufually called the Old Congregation, wanted a minifter; the reverend Mr. yohn Macbride, their paftor, was then in a de- clining Rate, and unable to go through the minifterial fervices ; fo that congregation, while the affair of Ufher's Quay was de- pending, invited Mr. Abernethy : And many imagined, that, if he was obliged to leave .Antrim, it would be more agreeable to him to fix in Belfafi than Dublin ; and fome thought it would be more ferviceable to the common interel. The general fynod, af- ter