Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

xlii The PREFACE. was look'd upon with great jealoufy : Others convinced that the part the fynod had a fed, was an unjuft flretch of power, were clear for his following his own judgment in the difpofal of himfelf. The refult of his coun- fels was, to determine nothing finally for the prefent, and to Phew fo much refpef to the fynodical decifion, as to pay a vifit to the congregation of giber's Quay, and flay three months with them, that he might have a full view of the Efate of things in Dublin, and come to a conclufion in his own mind, upon the befl and moll im- partial inquiry he could make. In purfu- ance of this refolution he went to Dublin, and, after three months flay, returned to Antrim, with a fixed refolution of conti- nuing there. As this was the moll remark- able inflánce, in which the power of the general fynod was refifted, fo he faw it ne- ceffary, that he fhould be thoroughly fatis- fied concerning the grounds upon which he went into a meafure, to the generality fo very unpopular, to many provoking, and, in the account of fome, direftly criminal. Many of his reafonings with himfelf upon this fubjec`t, are written in his diary, in which, after comparing the arguments for and