Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

The PREFACE. xlv tourfe with him; and he often lamented it, that, when ,the reformed churches 'de- parted from the communion of the church of Rome, they carried too much of her fpirit along with them. He laboured to open and enlarge the minds of 'chriflians, by (hewing, that the points, in which the fincere might be fuppofed to differ, were but of fmall moment, when compared to the weighty matters, in which all fuch mutt neceffarily be of one mind. SOMETIME before the attempt was made; to remove him to Dublin, Doctor Hoad ÿ's (the prefent worthy Bithop of Winchejler) Sermon, upon the kingdom of Chrift, with feveral of the papers, written. in the contro- verfy, occafioned by it ; particularly, the Bifhop's defence againft the reprefentation of the committee, were got into the hands of many, and read with great attention, and much pleafure, by the friends of liberty: But by none of them, with more than Mr. Abernethy ; who, ufed to fay, that upon the perufal of thefe books, he thought he could forefee a glorious day coming, when chrif- tians (hould be joined together, not in the fame opinions, but in one heart. As that controverfy, by degrees opened, the friends of i 4