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Ivi The PREFACE. I SAY nothing of mefieurs * Nevin, LL'ilfon, Clug/lon, Henderfon, and Mears, * Mr. Nevin's death happened Pince this preface was written. He was a man of great abilities, and indefa- tigable induftry and aétivity. Exceedingly zealous for the juft liberties of mankind, and warm in oppofing all pre- tences to power in matters of religion and confcience. In the courfe of the debates between the Synod and Nonfubfribers, a particular charge was brought againft him, for fome things he had faid in private converfation, which were thought inconfiftent with fome- important articles of the chriftian faith. In the Synod which met at Dungannon, 1724, the matter was brought to a pub- lic trial ; and iffued, not in a decifion upon evidence, but in requiring Mr. Nevin to make a declaration of his faith concerning the fupreme deity of Chrift. This he would not fubmit to, for many reafons which he urged againft fuch a method of proceeding, as holding an in- quifition upon him, and a dire violation of the com- mon rights of mankind : Upon which he was excluded from the Synod. The Nonfubfribers protefted againft this; and gave in their reafons, which are printed with Mr. Main's trial publifhed by himfelf. His defence, to which the reader is referred, though made under great difadvantages, very much railed his chara &er, even in the Synod as well as without doors, 'hewing great eloquence and ftrength of reafon. He continued, not- withftanding his exclufion, to maintain his reputation amongst his friends at Downpatriek ; and when they Nonfubfiribers were ereéted into a feparate Prefbytry, be- came a member with them. He was an eloquent and acceptable preacher, and de- livered himfelf in the pulpit with great life. He had truly generous difpofitions, and was ready to ferve his friends at the expence of any labour to himfelf. As this engaged him in many affairs, fo he came to acquire a confiderable knowledge in civil matters, and was ex- ceedingly ferviceable in the neighbourhood by his advice and who