Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

lxiv The PE E FACT. eafier to him, that he had a clear, ftrong, and agreeable voice : If his caufe was dif- liked, the perfon that pleaded it with fuch advantage, could not but be admired; and, as he ailed from a thorough perfuafion of the righteoufnefs and great importance of the caufe of liberty, fo he proceeded in the defence of it, with a refolution and boldnefs which became one who had nothing but truth and right in his aim. THE truth is, he and his friends of the Belfafi- fociety found themfelves involved in great difficulties ; many, who fet them - felves to oppofe them with violence, were men much, and juftly celebrated for learn- ing and great piety ; and, without doubt, acted from a principle of zeal for God : And, in affemblies conftituted as the fynod is, there will always be a confiderable part, which cannot enter deeply into the merits of fuch a caufe, but will be fwayed by great names, and follow them in all their meafures, efpecially when religion is ap- prehended to be at flake, and the founda- tions of it undermined, which notion great- ly prevailed upon this occafion amongtt the lets difcerning ; fo that it is not to be won- dered