Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

xxiv The PREFACE. " fulnefs. I pray God this may not be " laid to the charge of any. For myfelf, " I delire, firft of all, to examine my own " conduct. And, I thank God, I rejoice " in the teftimony of an unreproaching heart. Nor could I have acted otherwife " without a gainfaying, at leaft a doubt - " ing mind. And let it never enter into " my heart to pratife the arts of diffimu- " ° lotion, and make fuch bate compliances " ° as even feem to be inconfiftent with the " prerogative of Jefus Chrift, as king of " his church, or the facred rights of his " fubjects. My reputation I will commit " cheerfully to God, without endeavouring " to preferve it by any finful methods. In `c thefe and all other trying circumftances, " by returning and refl I (hall be Paved, in quietnefs and confidence (hall be my flrengtb.° As matters went on towards an open iupture amongft the minifters, fo the cla- mors and diftrations among the people grew more and more offenfive. New con- gregations were erected in feveral places, of fuch as fcrupled attending upon the minif- trations of Nonfubfcribers. And minifters of that denomination found every where great difficulties