Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

Ixxxvi The PREFACE. tendernefs for the charaners of mankind. Ile never fpoke to a man's difadvantage, when it was not neceff ry to anfwer fome good end ; and was utterly abhorrent of Speaking evil to gratify a malicious or envious fpirit, or from poverty of invention and want of what to fay in company. Indeed, his whole behaviour was ordered with great dif- cretion. He was carefully attentive to all the decencies of life. The purity of his manners was unblemifhed. He was exaily temperate, rather, indeed, to a fault, abfle- mious; and feemed to take pleafure in the greateft feverities of virtue. His pafl'ions were naturally ftrong, but they were under fuch corre'ion, that his temper was ufually fpoken of as quite immo- veable. Incidents, which would have been Shocking to other men, were met by him without any apparent Emotion. And in fome circumflances of life, which were ex- tremely affiiiing, he not only carried it with decency, but Chewed fuch a tranquillity of fpirit and conftancy, as amazed his friends; All who were acquainted with the delicacy of his temper, knew, that this was not in the leaff owing to infenfibility ; and there- fore