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Of Chrian Fortitude. 99 dd, yet more properly, it belongs to fortitude ; SERM. both the Latin word, and that of the fame W- 11 fignification in Greek, being derived from Wv the name of a man in thofe languages, to denote that the quality itfelf in a pecu- liar manner belongs to man ; is an ex- i cellence moft becoming the dignity of his nature and his condition of being, and in the ftrifteft fenfe, manly, as we now alfo i commonly fpeak. The facred writers, likewife, often recom- I mend courage as neceffary to be added to faith, or to the embracing chriftianity, efpe- cially in the primitive times, when faith was accompanied with great difficulties and dan- gers, and the profeffion of the gofpel expofed men to trials and afitions of various kinds as particularly St. Paul does, * Watch ye, ¡Eland fit in the faith, quit .you like men, be i¡ flrong. So that confidering the ftate of the chriftian Jews, to whom the apoftle Peter writes, that their lot was fallen in perilous times, that they were to expel great adver- f ty, of which he often warns them, to be in- fulted and derided for theirreligion by fcoffers, to endure the fpoiling of their goods, the moft bitter reproaches, the torture of their bodies, i Cor. x vi. t s. H z and