Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

Of 'Chrian Fortitude. ì o i fight of faith, and near the clofe of his own SRRM. militant life which commenced from his IV. embracing the chriftian religion, he fays, Lev") I have fought a good fight *. We have a great number of violent adverfaries which will be continually annoying us, endeavouring to fpoil . us of our integrity, and to take from us our crown ; fuch as the corruptions of our own hearts. It is the unhappinefs of the human nature in its prefent degeneracy, that the flefh lufeth againfl the fpirit; a multitude of un- reafonable and impetuous inclinations tending to fin, take their rife from the body ; our fenfes and inferior appetites always minifter the occafion of evil. Now thefe muff be refilled by a chriftian; at leaft, his delires and pafiions fo regulated and reftrain'd, that he may not by complying with them be led to offend God; which certainly is one of the molt arduous provinces of religion, and will require the utmoft vigour and firmeft refolu- tion of our fouls. Again, the world, by which is often underftood in fcripture, the corrupt part of mankind, in oppofition to god's peculiar people, his true church : Our Saviour, in his lall difcourfe to his apoftles before his death, Rates an irreconcileable en- z Tim. iv. 7. H 3 mity