Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

Mutual Èdifration, the Duty of Chrillians. of faith and love, and for an helmet the hope SERM. of fälvation ; and fome of the ftrongeft mo- I. tives of chriftianity, as, our being appointed 'w not to wrath, but to attain falvation through our Lord 7efus Chr, and his dying for us; he concludes thus at the it th verfe, Wherefore comf rt yourfelves together, and edify one ano- ther, even as cello ye do. Purfuant to which the fequel of the chapter contains many ex- cellent exhortations, which, if carefully put in pra &ice, have the greateft aptitude in their own nature to edify, fuch as, a proper refpe& to the public inftru &ions, and an efteem for fuch as minifter them only for their work - Jake, living in peace, warning the unruly, comforting the fèeble- minded, /ispporting the weak, being patient towards all men, not ren- dering evil f.or evil, but following that which is good, praying without ceafing, in every thing giving thanks, and abflaining from all ap- pearance of evil. The apoftle even defcends to matters of expediency and indifference in his rules for edification; he would have chrif- tians fo much concerned for the fpiritual good of their brethren, and have it fo much at heart to promote their knowledge and efta- blifhment, and progrefs in religion, as for that end to avoid ofé nee ; that is, as he explains B2 it,