Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

Of Cbrian Fortitude. 103 the world in the prefent Rate of things is to SERM. be confidered as a field in which the courage IV. of the fervants of Chrift is put to fevere proof, `-`-v"." and particularly the nobleft branch of it, paf- five fortitude, or patience. Having thus (hewn you the proper objeâ of chriftian fortitude, or the occafion of its exercife, I will next confider the exercifes and difpofitions of mind which are neceffary to it, or do concur in it. And let us, firft of all, obferve that it is very different from a blind paffion. Some people feem to mean nothing e1fe by courage, than a mere con- tempt of danger, a tumultuous and furious rage, whereby men are driven with a brutal impetuofity into hazards and difficulties. This is certainly a very wrong notion, in the mo- ral, efpecially in the chriftian fenfe, according to which, every virtue, every good quality, is founded in underftanding, and mutt be conducted by light, and by a calm and dif pafl'ionate confideration. Indeed, the rah fallies of paffion, whatever appearance they may have of fortitude, as defying danger, yet as they never were worthy of that name, they loon fail; like the violent fwellings of waters, or impetuous waves of the fea which fpeedily fall and fink down, and tempefts which are I-1 4 quickly