Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

Of Knowledge. 119 quality of the object and the importance of SERM. the ends it ferves. That knowledge which V. the text recommends, is, according to this ^1 rule, the molt valuable ; the objeft of it are the mg excellent things, it is what Solomon calls the knowledge of the holy`, of God him- felf, and of his will, in which the mind of man perceives a peculiar dignity, and it yields an intelleEtual, pure pleafure which doth not arife from the knowledge and confideration of other things. It likewife anfwers the no- bleft ends ; the forming our temper and di- reding our conduEt to the molt important purpofes of our being. Every kind of art, fcience, or difcipline, to the ftuçdy and im- provement of which men apply their minds, frill in order to praäice is reafonably valued, in proportion to its ufefulnefs. Thofe more vulgar arts which require no great force of genius to comprehend them, yet fume under - ftanding and induftry to be able to ufe them dextroufly, are far from being defpicable, Pnce they ferve the conveniencies of life, in the prefent frate. Thofe, however, are de- fervedly in greater efteem, which anfwer higher ends, the very prefervation of life, the improvement of the mind, or the molt ex- Pray. ix. io. I 4 tenfive