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122 Of Knowledge. SERM. cipally in the difpofitions of the mind, form'd V. by juft fentiments and a clear apprehenfion of t-","") the motives and the manner of ahïng. And . as the being of every virtue depends upon knowledge, fo doth every flep of our pro - grefs in it ; we Ihall never grow in grace, in the favour of God, in which we only grow by an increafe of the chriftian virtues, I fay, we shall never grow in grace on another foundation than our growing in the know- ledge of our Lord and Saviour .7efits Chr/ *. When the apoflle prays, 'j- that the hearts of chrians might be comforted, being knit to- gether in low, which is the perfeEion of com- fort and of virtue, as the foundation of it he prays, that they may advance unto all riches of fell aferance of underflanding, to the ac- knowledgment of the myflery of God the Father,; and of Chr fl. When therefore, we are ex- horted, as in the text, to add to fith and virtue, knowledge, the meaning is, that in order to our exercifing all the chriftian virtues uniformly, and growing in all the parts of religion, we fhould conflantly Rudy to be more and more acquainted with them, to un- derfland the mind and will of God, and be making daily proficiency in the exat know- ledge of our duty. * z Pet, iii. 18. {- Col. ii. z, One