Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

il I 2 6 Of Knowledge. SERM means with fincerity and diligence ; and to V. offend thro' ignorance, which is the effe6t of fupine negligence, ftupid inattention, and a difaffe Lion to goodnefs, is very provoking to him. But I hope I may ufe the apoftle's expref-- fion in another cafe, I f eak as to wife men, to men who have forne knowledge of their duty, and who have it at heart by difcharging it faithfully to approve themfelves to God; and, therefore, are not to be prefs'd to lay again the very foundations of chriftianity, to acquaint themfelves with the firft principles of the oracles of God, the molt fundamen- tal truths of religion, but rather to go on to perfection, to be making continual progrefs in virtue, and in order to it, continual profi- ciency in knowledge. To which purpofè I propofe the following confederations; Fir//, that this is the way to be preferv'd from fnares, of which we are always in danger thro' temptation and the deceitfulnefs of fin. There is not any thing a fincere chriftian is fo foli- z itous about as maintaining his integrity, and making a fuccefsful Rand againft all tempta- tions, that he do not fall into fuch wickednefs as is inconfìftent with fincerity and a good Rate towards God, and fo commit fin as to be its fervant,