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Of Knowledge. t 35 others look on with indifference and negle6t, SERM. they will fee a real, a tranfcendent beauty V. and glory in ; a hunger and thirft after it, an ardent delire to this moft amiable form, will overcome all difficulties ; and wifdom will be found of them that thus feek her early, and with the moft earneft intention of mind; through defire a man having fiparated him- fey; feeketh,and intermeddleth with all wifdom. In purfuance of this, Secondly, let us ufe the means of attaining knowledge with great diligence and care. There is no other way to prove our fincerity and our love of wifdom. Let a man profefs what he will, we fhall never believe him to be intent upon obtaining any end, whilft he neglefts the means which he knows, and has the opportunity of ufing. Let us, therefore, labour for it aßîduoufly, and as yob expreffes the longing defire and folicitude of the mife- rable for the grave, dig for it as for hid treafùres. Now, the principal means to us chriftians are the fcriptures, in which God, has given a compleat revelation of his will, and them we ought conftantly to fearch. The Pfàlmß has given is an excellent exam- * Prov. xviii. I. K 4 ple,