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Of Temperance. z 4.9 infinitely fuperior objets for the enjoyment of SLRM. which the Author of nature intended them. VI- The apoftle Paul fpeaks of fome, and even `'"Y' of thofe who made a religious profefTion, and pretended great zeal for it, whole god is their belly*: probably of the fame perlons it is that he fays, - f- that they ferve not our Lord 7e- fus Chr /, but their own bellies. That is, whatever refpe ± they might profefs for chri- ftianity, whether they were of the principles and way of the gn?Ilics, or the falfe apoftles who contended for the neceffity of circum- cifion and the Jewifh ceremonies ; at bottom, their defign was only to draw difciples after them, to make gain of their pretended god - linefs, and to live voluptuoufly. But, what a monftrous appearance does fuch a creature make in the univerfe ? and how is the order of nature revers'd in a man in whom the fen - fual affe&ions are uppermoft, and the objets of them got into the place of God, to poffefs the fupremacy of the heart, to be fuperlatively loved and adored, and all things, even con-. fcience itfelf, facrificed to their fervice ? But it is very hard to fix a conviction of this guilt upon men, and fuch is the deceit - fulnefs of fin, few will be fenfibie of it though * Fhii. iii. 19. f Rom. xvi. S. L 3 they