Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

160 Of Temperance. LERM. Our Saviour in his parables and other dill VI. courfes, often thews men the abfolute ne- ' cetiîty of reftraining and governing their ap- petites and defire of prefent enjoyments, that they may enter into his kingdom, that they may be his approved faithful fubjets and fer- vants, and be intitled to the final reward he has promifed. This is in .effet what we are to underftand by felf -denial, which he re- commends by the figurative expreßïons of plucking out the eye, and cutting f the hand, and other fuch reprefentations of our duty, which import offering violence to ourfelves; but really mean the virtue of temperance, curbing our inclinations, peremptorily re- futing to comply with thofe which are vi- cious, and fo retrenching our affeäions to lawful things, that they may not grow ex- orbitant, and miflead us into evil: I fay, they really mean the virtue of temperance defcribed in a way which is accommodated to the cor- rupt Rate of mankind, in which prevailing ill cuftoms and habits of fenfuality have ren- dered reformation fo difficult, that it is aptly expreffed by crucifying the fefh, with the lulls _and aj lions thereof. The apoftles like - wife urge temperance on chriftians with great earneftnefs. They denounce the wrath and Judgment