Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

io Mutual Edification, the Duty of Chrians. SERM. every one ftriving for precedency in the exer- I. cife of his gifts, which made their affemblies j p confufed and tumultuous ; Every one, fays he, of you, when you come together, bath a p/i ln, bath a doctrine, bath 4 tongue, bath a revelation, bath an interpretation ; the apoftle gives them this caution, let all things be done to edifying. In all which places, it is very evident, that edification fignifies inftruttion, or improving men in knowledge. And indeed it is evi- dent in the nature of the thing, that this is the foundation upon which we muff grow in every good, moral, or religious quality, which to their very being require underftand- ing, and 4i11 encreafe in proportion to it. Not but that knowlege may be feparated from virtue, in fart it is often fo, and men de- tain the truth in unrighteoufnefi, trefpafling againft the light andconvittion of their own minds, which makes the worft of charmers; particularly, according to the dottrine of the new teftament, knowledge without good dif- pofitions and a good practice is unprofitable, and an increafe of it far from edification in the chriftian fenfe; for, fays the apoftle, '* Know- ledge pujèth up, but charity ed feth. And, if any man think that be knoweth any thing, * d Cor. viii, t, z. be