Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

Of Patience. 193 of infinite wifdom falls to his (hare ? for if SERM any one in that cafe might reafonably com- plain, every one might ; and then the reafon of the divine counfels, and the reafon of men would contradit each other, which is an abfurdity. But to what purpofe are murmurings ? and whyfhould man contend with his Maker? He * determines the things that are appointed for us, and there is no poffibility of altering his au/ lids, l as Elihu fays very reafonably f, fhould it be according to thy mind, he will recompenfe it whether thou ch. fe, or whether thou refùfe. The truth is, men can only fret and torment themfelves by repining againft providence, and bearing cha(lifements im- patiently; they cannot make their condition better. The prophet thus defcribes the (late of ob(linate incorrigible (inners, by a very fignificant comparifon, They are like a wild bull in a net, full of the fury of the Lord, the more they impotently refill and rebel, the more uneafy (lill they make themfelves, far from leffening their pain. Or, as it is ex- preffed in the prophecies of yeremy, they are like a bullock unaccufiomed to the yoke, which, the more impatient he is, only galls him the Job xxiii. 14, t Ibid. xxxiv. 33. u Ifa, Ii. 20. VOL. II. O more,