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Mutual Edification, the Duty of Chrillians. i 3 dience to the gofpel, and to comprehend all SExivi; thofe áffe Lions and difpofitions of 'mind L which are the immediate principles of con - L."rU formity to its laws : It is in this fenfe that faith is enjoined as a very important and corn - prehenfive duty ; indeed the whole of that duty which is indifpenfably neceffary to our . acceptance with God and our falvation; as on the other hand, difobedience to the gofpel and unbelief, in the ftile of the apoftles, mean the fame thing. It follows according to this fenfe, that edification in faith, is in effect, edification in all the chriftian virtues, and all the fruits of the fpirit ; in love to God and men, in meeknefs, patience, fobriety and righteoufnefs. Thus St. Paul explains edifi- cation, Neither give heed to fables and end - lets genealogies which miner queions, rather than godly edifÿing, which is in faith. The character of edifying in faith, is, that it is godly, or the edification of God, as the words are ftrictly tranflated. God is the object and the end of it; it is the knowledge, love and fear of him, which comprehends all religion. At the fame time we fee what kind of in ftruction it is which has this tendency, not trifling unneceffary things, remote from the * t Tim. i. 4. life