Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

26 Mutual Edification, the Duty of Chrifliani. SERM. all. In thematters ofpofitive dutyand fin, the I. law of God has prefcribed to him; and if in `"v^'lefïer things, not determined by the rule of his religion, his judgment and pra ±ice muff be dire ted byhis neighbours, wherein is he free? But St. Paul was jealous for liberty as, every wife and good man will be, for it is one of the molt valuable rights of the human nature and of the chriftian Bate. It was his principle and his rule, to contend for it when any unreafonable encroachments were made upon it. If any thing, which in general was indifferent, fo that it might be done or not done, as prudence confidering circumftances fhould diret, was made neceffary by the will of men, his fellow chriftians, in whatever fia- tion, he would by no means fubmit to it. Of this we have a remarkable inftance in his different condut with refped to the Jewifh ceremonies. He fometimes complied with them, when it only appeared expedient, but íh11 left a matter of liberty. He circumcifed Timothy to recommend him the more to the Jews, and he pra &is'd fome of the ceremonies himfelf, by the advice of his brethren*. But if the fame things were infifted on as neceffary, which happened at Antioch, where * Alts xxi. the