Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

28 Mutual Edification, the Duty of Chrylians. SERM. mote the pra&ice of fubftantial' virtue; and I. leaft of all, is that edifying which leads to faith in men, or an implicit fubmiffion to their au- thority in matters of religion, inftead of faith in refus Chrift, and an inviolable adhe- rence to him as the only Lord of confcience; to confirm the prejudices of men againft the plain and fimple dodrines of the gofpe!, to inflame their paffions and encreafe their un- charitablenefs. Secondly, It is not every compliance with men and pleafing them, even in things for the fubftance lawful, which the chriftian law re- quires or allows ; but only that which is for good to edification. Some pleafe others from low and felfifh motives, from an affettation of popularity, to gain applaufe, or it may be, to ferve their worldly intereft, which inftead of edifying their neighbours fo complied with, and doing them good in a religious fenfe, tends to confirm them in their miftakes, and to gratify their unreafonable humours, their pride and their pafiions ; and inftead of pro- moting peace on a juft foundation, tends to ftrengthen an impofing fpirit, the certain caufe of divifions. It is noble and generous to bear the infirmities of the weak, but it is mean and unbecoming a fervant of Chrift, by a