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our Acceptance with God. 3S vifible fociety of chriftians, who call upon the SERM. name of the Lord ; and every one of them who IL compofe this fociety muff avouch Jefus Chrift `...seI as their Saviour and their Lord. St. Paul joins together believing in the heart, and con - feffing with the mouth, as neceffary to fal- vation *, If thou 'halt confefs with thy mouth, the Lord yefirs, and believe in thine heart, that God has ra f d him from the dead, thou f alt be Paved. For, with the heart man believeth unto righteot f i l;, and with the mouth confejlion is made unto fcalvation. Our bleffed Saviour himfelf required of all his followers the fame open profeilion of his religion. For this end he inflituted baptifm, to be a public decla- ration of men's receiving the gofpel, and fubjebting themfelves to its laws ; there- fore he fays -j-, He that believeth and is baptifed fall be Paved. There are other folemn external ads of religion, as well as baptifm, by which a profeßîon of chri- ftianity is made, even all thofe which in the nature and defign of them import our being chriftians; or the avowed difciples of Chrift. Now our Saviour forbids his followers to lay any ftrefs on this claim, or build upon it their hopes of the favour of God and the king- * Romans x. 9, to. t Mark xvi. 16. D 2 dom