Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

our Acceptance with God. 37 mercy, and the love of God, the weightier SERM. matters of the law. Seeing, therefore, this II. has been fo ufual among men profefhng reli- `''`r`' gion, our Saviour had reafon to warn his dif. ciples againft fuch a fatal error, which many of them in all ages have run into, as expe- rience íhews, fome even in his own days and thofe of the apoftles, trufted to aform of god- finely, denying the power of it ; and named the name of Chrß, without departing from ini- quity. But, afterwards, the degeneracy of chriftians was more remarkable ; and depart- ing from that fimplicity of worfhip and fub- ftantial holinefs which the gofpel enjoins, religion was turn'd, among them; into empty form. Scarcely can any thing be more notorious, than that many chriftians, almoft whole fees of them, even the molt nume- rous, and fome of every felt, have nothing better to fupport their pretenfions to the chri- ftian charaéter and hopes, than a loud cry for the honour of Chrift, a vehement zeal for the truth of chriftianity, or what they ima- gine to be fo ; and an exact regularity in the outward forms of devotion, whilft the fruits of temperance, righteoufnefs, and charity do . not appear in their lives : fome have even got into opinions which favour this deceit ; fuch D as