Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

40 Sincere Obedience nec jary to SERM. nay turned into the wort} of evils, hypocrify. IL For what do we mean by calling Chrift Lord? "v "'is it not that we acknowledge ourfelves indif- penfably bound to keep his commandments? and yet we do it not. Is not this to be guilty of inexcufable difíimulation ? and under a malk of outward refped to conceal a real en- mity of heart ; which if it were done again4 ourfelves, or other men, we could not but look upon as the vileft difingenuity and per - fidioufnefs. Like the undutiful fon, whom our Saviour reprefents in his parable *, as making a great fhow of reverence for his fa- ther, but frill negleéting to obey his com- mandments ; fo are they, who under a dif- guife of religious profeffion continue in their difobedience to God. The molt infamous of mankind, as our Lord there teaches, if they fincerely repent and reform their lives, Thall enter into thekingdom of heaven before them. The fecond falfe pretence is founded on the gift of prophecy, of calling out devils and working miracles ; and, by parity of reafon, any other extraordinary gifts, which, as the apoftle fpeaks, were given to men to profit withal ; that is, to propagate chriftianity and promote edification; which yet are feparable * Mat. xxi. z8. from