Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

48 Sincere Obedience nee Jary to SERM. the confideration of the goodnefs of God, II. which appears to all his creatures, and his wti' mercies which are over all his works, would lead men to hope he will not be extreme to mark the unallow'd defects of them who are uprightly endeavouring to do his will fo far as they know it, and are diligently ufing the heft means in their power to know it better : yet it muff be acknowledged an inva- luable privilege, to have an exprefs decla- ration to this purpofe from God himfelf well attefted, and that it is a condefcenfion every way worthy of his wifdom and his grace. Sincerity in doing the will of his heavenly Father is that which Chrift indifpenfably requires of all his difciples ; that is, doing it with a true intention, with the con - fcious approbation of their own minds, and with good affections. He has in another part of this fermon on the mount (chap. vi.) taught us the difference in the examples of prayer and alms-giving, between external works to appearance good, but really hypo- critical, as being done only to be feen of men, and fuch as are fincere and acceptable, being done from a real inward love of good - nefs, and with a true intention to approve ourfelves to God. One would think it should be