Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

our Acceptance with God. s; Both according to all the abominations that the SERM. wicked man doth, (hall he live ? all his righte- II. o010 that he bath done (hall not be mention'd ; w"-) in his trefpafs that he hath trefpaQèd, and in his fin that he hath finned, in them (hall he die. Having thus fhown what it is to do the will of God, it is not neceffary to fpend time in proving that it is the only ground on which we can hope to be approv'd by him at Taft, and to enter into the kingdom of heaven. The fcripture declarations on this head are fo very plain and exprefs, there can remain no doubt with chriftians who will give them - felves leave to confider it. And, indeed, if we look into our own hearts, attending care- fully, and without prejudice, to what they will fuggeft, we (hall find that it is only their teftimony concerning the fincerity of our obe- dience, or the perfevering praEtice of righte- oufnefs, virtue and charity, which can give us confidence towards God. It was this that comforted Hezekiah under the apprehenfions of death ', I-le would appeal to God him -., felf as the witnefs of his integrity, Remember, Lord, how I have walked before thee, in truth, and with a perfe5l heart, and done that which * Ifai. xxxviii. 3. E 3 '; r