Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

96 Wifdom the Strength of the Mind. SE RM. meafure, uncapable of doing any thing wor- IV. thy of itfelf, or in profecution of its true in- 4'^1°1 tereft, and it bath very little enjoyment. The Pfalmift expreffeth himfelf very feel- ingly on this fubje t, Pfal. xiii. 2. How long fhall I take counfel in my foul, having forrow in my heart daily? When forrow or fear is in the heart, the foul is then taking counfel in itfelf, but to little purpofe, and with very little fatisfaaion. If it be poffible to find relief againft the difadvantages and difcom- fort of fuch a Rate, to which we are all fubje t in fome degree, one would think we íhould be difpofed readily to embrace it; which leadeth me to confider, in the Second Place, Wherein the ftrength of the wife man lieth, and how wifdom, or reli- gious virtue, is fitted to adminifter a cure of our weaknefs and its fymptoms ; which I (hall illuftrate according to the method al- ready laid down, that is, by fhewing it is a proper antidote againft the evils I have men- tioned. And, firft, it is a defence againfl fear ; fo Solomon teacheth us, chap. iii. 23. having exhorted to keep found wifdom and difcretion, he addeth, Then 'halt thou walk in thy way /afely, and thy foot (hall not flum- 61e;