Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

TJifdom the Strength of the Mind. 99 gainft immoderate deje Ling fears, as it Sr giveth us confidence towards God, and af- IV. furance of his favour. Men cannot help, `"-v'' even thofe who are the moil: averfe to them, having apprehenfions of a Supreme Being, the wife and juft governor of the world, who is pleafed with the righteous, and an- gry with the wicked every day, and his ven- geance ready to break upon their heads in terrible judgments; and, therefore, when danger threateneth them, the terror of it is increafed by this jealoufy, that it is fraught with the difpleafure of the incenfed deity, which ftriketh the foul with dread, far be- yond what could be raifed by the event in itfelf confidered; A guilty accufing con - fcience is haunted continually with the fright- ful images and grievous remembrance of its own crimes, which pierce it through with anxiety, and make it imagine every thing it meeteth, to be a meffenger of wrath. But the good man is free from fuch diftrading furmifes and confounding fears. This is the reafon of what Solomon obferveth, and which is confirmed by experience, Prov. xxviii. i. The wicked fee when no man purfueth, brit the righteous are bold as a lion. Not but that wicked men are often fearlefs of danger, 11 2 and