Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

The Favour of God obtained by Wifdom. 123 real and abfolute excellencies muff belong to S E x Nr. the infinite, unoriginated, and independent V. caufe of all things. Every confiderate per - `'') fon will find himfelf obliged to acknowledge that the moral attributes are real and abfo- lute excellencies, moll juffly and worthily therefore afcribed to the infinitely perfe& Being. Befides, this mull: be allowed to be the foundation of true religion, and, there- fore, bath been univerfally acknowledged wherever it was profeffed or praétifed ; for how can men do any thing that is good out of a regard to the Deity, which is the very meaning of religion, unlefs they firft believe him to be good, and a lover of virtue ? And, indeed, the greateft corruptions of religion and morality have taken their rife from wrong notions of God. What wonder is it, if the worshippers are milled to cru- elty, lafcivioufnefs, and ambition, if it be once believed that the objects of worfhip themfelves are of the fame difpofitions, and that wicked praftices are agreeable to them ? But if on the contrary, we are fully con- vinced that God is perfefly holy, juft, be- nevolent, and faithful, then we are fur - nifhed with the ftrongeft motives to prac- tice, and to think on the things which are pure,