Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

The Favour of God obtained by Wifdom. 137 2dly, The way to obtain this end is plain- S E x M. ly marked out to us in fcripture, particularly V. in this Text; and it is very inexcufable folly and thoughtlefnefs if we miflake it. Suppo- liing men to have a general perfuafion that the favour of God is of the greateft confequence to them, and they cannot be happy without it, yet 1E11 an attachment to their fins mif- leads them another way, that is, they flat- ter themfelves that it is pofi'ible to obtain it without reforming their lives. How many are there who prefume in their hearts that they are the favourites of God, though they go on in their finful courfes, and harden themfelves more and more in their vices ? To what caufe can this be attributed, or what are the pretences by which men pro- feffing religion thus fatally deceive them- felves ? Indeed the very profeßîon of reli- gion itfelf deceives them, though it is very furprizing that it fhould. Thus the yews, becaufe they were the people of God, in covenant with him, the pofterity of Abra- ham, and of Ifrael, and becaufe they con - f}antly performed the outward rites of wor- fhip which he appointed, therefore imagined they were in a good Bate towards God; though the prophets often reprefented to them 1== .--------