Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

i 48 Long-life, Riches, and Honour, S E ü M. fpe61 to coinmunities, fome of which have VI. rifen from very fmall beginnings, to great Y") and powerful nations, by induftry, fruga- lity, the exat diftribution ofjuftice, fidelity, and other virtues ; as, on the other hand, the hiftory of all ages fheweth, that the molt opulent and flourifhing kingdoms have been precipitated into ruin, by avarice, oppref- faon, luxury, and injuftice. So true is that proverb of Solomon's, that righteoufnefs exalt - eth a nation, but fin is the reproach of any people. But, though in the cafe of private per - fons, the diftinEtion is not often fo remark- able between the good and the bad, in the prefent adminiftration of providence, the righteous and the wicked being involved in the fame common calamities, and the for- mer fometimes fuffering by the vices and the cruelties of the latter, which God Both not interpofe to reftrain, intending to fet all things right, which feem now irregular, in a future Rate of retribution ; yet, bad as the world is, wifdom is better than folly, and men, generally fpeaking, make their way in it to all the happinefs it affordeth, by fobriety, godlinefs, and righteoufnefs, much better than by a courfe of iniquity and vice; which I (hall endeavour, in the remaining part of this dìfcourfe, to illuftrate. Z The