Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

The Love of Trifdom, &c. t 67 words of Solomon, chap. iii. 16. that though S E R M. outward profperity is not the principal end, VII, nor the proper reward of religion, nay, to purfue it as the principal end is inconfiílent with fincerity; yet divine providence hath fo wifely and gracioully ordered the Rate of things in this world, that, generally fpeak- ing, the pra&ice of virtue is not detrimental to our prefent interefl, but rather tendeth to promote it. There are, betides thefe, par- ticular arguments enforcing the particular branches of wifdom, as piety, diligence, temperance, juftice, and charity, which I fhall not infift on, and fame other general confederations, efpecially the terrible punifh- snent and miferable effeccts of folly, that is, of irreligion and wickednefs, which I hope will be fufhciently plain to any attentive perfon, from what hath been faid. I (hall therefore, in the next place, con- fider fome of the means which Solomon pro - pofeth, and the neceffary qualifications on our part that we may attain wifdom. It is certain that a great many of mankind come Mort of it, and even many of thofe to whom wifdom crieth, and underflanding lifteth ufi her voice ; that is, who enjoy the heft op- portunities by the publication of the will of God to them, and the gracious inflrudlions M 4 he