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necefary to the attaining of it. 169 der to their acquiring valuable knowledge, S E R M. and thofe perfeaions which are highly or- VIL namental, as well as ufeful, and which will `"V~`0 afford the molt agreeable entertainment to their minds ; but fuch as remain flupidly infenfible of her tranfcendent dignity, and through a vehement attachment to low and fenfual enjoyments, negle t her kind folici- tations, can have no benefit by them. I íhall, Firfl, Endeavour to explain the love of wifdom, and thew the feveral fend-. ments and difpofitions which are im-. ported in it. And, Secondly, How it contributeth to our ob- taining wifdom, Fini, To explain the love of wifdom, and Phew the fentiments and difpofitions which are imported in it. The affections and pallions of the human nature, are the moving fprings which fet our active powers at work : Defire, hope, and joy, which are all included in love, have a powerful influ- ence on the mind determining it to action. And as the operations of this principle are uniform, by underftanding love, and the natural