Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

-1 74 The Love ofifdon SE R M. foning on their own propenfities and inch= VII. nations, for being directed wholly by them; 1"--¡`'' but it is reproachful for us not to Thew our- felves men, and call to mind, as the prophet fpeaketh, not to compare the objects of our own affections and defires, and give the pre- ference to thofe which our reafon muff pro- nounce the molt worthy. Now, wifdom doth not, as many other objects do, folicit our affeftions, and invite our profecution indeliberately ; fhe calls upon us to make the exacteft fcrutiny we can, and would have none to be her votaries, but upon the terms of a fair and impartial examination. And indeed a great point is gained when the mind is brought to fuch a difpofition ; for it is no fmall difficulty to difengage it from ftrong prepoffeßïon in favour of external and fenfible things, and fuch a fair and impar- tial trial will iffue in the higheft efteem of wifdom, and that will even irrefiftibly draw our affections. It will therefore lead to a juft decifion of the great queftion concern- ing what ought to have the chief room in our hearts, if we will dwell in our own thoughts upon a deliberate comparifon be- tween wifdom, and all thofe things which hand in competition with it; and if we ¡hall