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Igo The Love of W/dom S E R M. religion feem to be the refult of an intimate VII. acquaintance with it, doubtlefs they are then the ftrongeft, and a growing experience will be accompanied with an increafe of joy, yet pleafure attendeth the firft fincere in- clinations to wifdom, and the firft hearty endeavours to attain it. Defire indeed feteth the mind and all its powers on work, and Rill in our imperfect Rate, is the molt pre- valent fpring of diligence. Our condition is like that of children, of new-born babes, as St. Peter defcribeth it, who d fre milk that they may grow thereby ; but that very defire hath enjoyment in it, and the entrance of wifdom giveth pleafure to the foul. It may therefore be very proper for us to reflet on our joys, and to confider what it is we have the greateft complacency in, that we may know what manner of fpirits we are of, for the conftitution of the mind appear- eth as much this way as any other. The worldly man entertaineth himfelf with the higheft fatisfa&ion in his great poffeflions, he faith to his foul, Thou haft much goods laid up for many years, take thine eafe, eat, drink, and be merry, Luke xii. 19. And every one according to the particular temper and complexion of his fpirit rejoiceth in the fruition of the objeft which is the molt 2 agree-