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SERMONS O N VARIOUS SUBJECTS. Containing, I. Religion and Virtue, confidered under the Notion of Wifdom. II. The Excellency of Wifdom. III. The Ways of Wifdom, Ways of Pleafantneís. IV. Wifdom the Strength of the Mind. V. The Favour of God, obtained by Wifdom. V I. Long -Life, Riches, and Hon- our, the Fruits of Wifdom. VII. The Love of Wifdom, ne- ceffary to the,attaining of it. VIII. Diligence in fecking Wif- dom always fuccefsful. I IX. Self- Government effential to Wifdom. X. The Proud and Scornful inca- pable of attaining to Wifdom. XI. Attending to public Inílrudion, and other Initrumental Duties, recommended. XII. Walking with Wife Men, a Means of attaining to Wifdom. XIII. The Foundation of Confi- dence towards God explained. XIV. On the fame Subject. XV. Walking by Faith and not by Sight, explained and recom- mended. By JOHN ABERNETHY; M. A. VOL. III. LONDON: Printed for D, BR OWN E, without Temple -Bar ; C. DAVIS, in Holborn ; and A. Mx L L A R, oppofite Katherineßreet in the Strand. M. DCC.LI.