Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

con idered under the Notion of Wifdor. a t to diredi his choice, becaufe he cannnot dif- S ER M: cern the difference, and may be as ready to L catch at a pebble as a jewel, nay, as ready to lay hold on what is deftruftive, as on what may be good and profitable to him; fo in the proper fphere of the rational powers, as there is an effential difference between objects, it is abfolutely neceffary we Mould difcern it, in order to our being rightly de- termined. If this be a juft notion of wif- dom, let us apply it to the fubjea before us, and any one may eafily judge, whether uni- verfal religion, the fear of God, juftice, pa- tience, temperance, goodnefs, be not more agreeable to the true nature and effential differences of things, and fheweth an exaäter judgment concerning them than the con- trary. Let any man who hath even the flendereft acquaintance with the fyftem of thefe virtues, determine, whether he who heartily embraceth and afteth according to it, appeareth to have a truer difcernment, than he who maketh the oppofite choice. I do not doubt but every one, who refieEt- eth ferioufly, will be convinced, that to fear God, to be juft, and charitable to men, and to moderate our own appetites and paffions, is to judge rightly, to treat things as they C 3 are,