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3 The Excellency of Wifdo7n. S E R M. them ; which method of comparifon is a II. very natural one in enquiring into and de- 4"v"--j fcribing worth. It muff indeed be fuppofed that we are, in fome meafure, acquainted with the things which wifdom fpeaketh, otherwife it would be a vain attempt to Phew their excellence. But, befides that, I have already mentioned fome of them, in the brief account I gave of the defign and main fubjet of this book ; I hope that is a fuppofition not unfit to be made in fuch an aíl'embly : For though it muff be acknow- ledged, that the compleat fchecne of reli- gion and morality, and every thing belong- ing to it which may be comprehended in the dorine of wifdom, is not without dif- ficulties ; fome of the fmaller lines in the divine draught may not be clearly difcerned, perhaps not all of them, by any even of thofe who have fearched into it with the greateft care ; yet the principal ftrokes are fo clear, that he who runs may read, as the prophet fpeaketh ; fcarcely any Chriftian can be ignorant of them, at leaft fo far ignorant, as not to be able to judge of their excel- lence. My method for illuftrati,ng Solomon's ar- gument in the text, thall be this : Firf,